And So, My Blogging Journey Begins…

Thanks for joining me on my endeavour to turn my thoughts into words!

Until I started to make a note of all of the noise in my head, I didn’t quite realise how many questions I had – and how many opinions – no wonder I’m constantly overwhelmed, it seems there’s a lot going on inside what I’ve always considered to be a pretty basic brain!

Putting myself out there feels scary – but the things that scare me are the same that drive me. Since having my daughter nearly 3 years ago, women’s rights and our often collective experience of this world, has become both a concern and fascination for me in equal measure. I’ll be honest, I’m scared of criticism, the idea of putting my honest opinions and feelings out there and inviting people to have an opinion on me, makes me feel a bit sick – BUT I admire every woman and man who has come forwards recently to share their experiences in the name of progress and I want to be like them, more than I want to live in a bubble.

I want live the words I speak to my daughter so one day, when she is old enough to have her own opinions about the world, she’ll not think twice about using her voice; the idea of a woman not being seen as worthy of an opinion will be laughable, online rape or death threats to women who speak up will be unimaginable, and the concern of not being heard because of her sex won’t even be a fleeting consideration. The world will be different!

So, my big girl pants are on and my pen (OK, not an actual pen!) is poised. Deep breath, I’m diving in…

She wasn’t looking for a knight, she was looking for a sword – Atticus


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